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5 Adult Summer Camps Driving Distance from Chicago adult camp illinois

Adult Summer Camp. Everything you did as a kid, plus craft beer! Getaway, get grounded, detox, and party with no counselors at Camp Forever Fun!.

Adult Summer Camp Forever Fun is located in Bloomingdale, MI. It's not far from Indiana or Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 2:15. Kalamazoo, Michigan 30 minutes.

May 4, 2017 Hit the lake or play tug-of-war at these adult summer camps near Chicago, where you can embrace your inner kid (with booze).

Adult Summer Camp: Camp Forever Fun. 3.9K likes. Camp Forever Fun: Everything you loved as a kid, plus craft beer!.

Jun 9, 2017 Play like a kid; party like an adult. That's the name of the game at these five adult summer camps around Chicago.