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fRevan, first Kotor only. Slightly AU. Follow Rinna Helwyn, a sexually depraved young woman with a dark history, as she works together with a Republic Pilot to.

Hello, this is my first Adult fanfiction story. A quick warning this will be a dark side BDSM story. Finally I do not own KOTOR or else this would be a playable.

Keep the viruses to a minimum, please. I don t own any characters from Star Wars or KOTOR. In fact I don t own anything. There. Totally watertight. Boo yah.

From ANON - kotorfan on February 11, 2006. All I can say is, "about time"! This is a great fic and I hope you continue it! Report Review; From ANON - geoffrey on.

Post-KOTOR. Five years later, she, having grown into a very attractive young adult, traveled with her Twi'lek boyfriend, Uriah Asef, in the crew of Elhanan, Meetra.