- adult gastric fluid volume


adult gastric fluid volume

Quantification of gastrointestinal liquid volumes and distribution Adult; Biological Availability; Eating/physiology; Fasting/metabolism*.

Can J Anaesth. 1995 Aug;42(8):730-4. Gastric fluid volume and pH after nizatidine in adults undergoing elective surgery: influence of timing and dose. Mikawa.

Key words. ANAESTHESIA: adult; residual gastric fluid volume (22 +- 19, 32 +- 26, 28 +- 19, 25 +-- subject of recent studies in adults I-3 and in children. 4-6.

Gastric fluid volume and acidity 2 h after intake of clear fluids in patients . during anesthesia in an adult patient [3], and that 1000 ml is needed.

One hour clear fluid fasting does not alter gastric pH or residual volume .. clear fluid fastening times, allowing up to 150/75 ml of water in adults/children.