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Baffin Cush: Comfortable, Warm, and Cozy! Baffin Cush tent shoe: Cozy, warm, practical. Like sleeping bags for your feet, the Baffin Women's Cush Slipper offers some puffy down protection to keep toes comfortable whether you're around the house, camping, or traveling.

The Baffin Snogoose boot will easily withstand any of winter's harsh elements with its waterproof design and fully tractioned rubber sole that can overcome any .

Lightweight, and completely waterproof with built-in gaiter on top to seal out the elements Comfort rated to -100oC/-148oF Removable 8 layer inner liner AVA.

LAGOPUS LAGOPUS LEUCOPTERUS Taverner BAFFIN ISLAND PTARMIGAN Adults.-Similar to the corresponding sex and plumage of Lagopus lagopus.

Nuttall Orn. Club, No. 7, 1932, 74, in text (crit.). LAGOPUS LAGOPUS LEUCOPTERUS Taverner Baffin Island Ptarmigan Adults.— Similar to the corresponding.