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Fritz the Cat is a 1972 American adult animated comedy film written and directed by Ralph .. The first part of the film's plot was adapted from a self-titled story published in a 1968 issue of R. Crumb's Head Comix, while the second part is.

But Fritz the Cat from 1972 was the first commercially animated feature film to capitalize on . underground until Zap Comix issued its first Fritz the Cat issue in 1968. . to Jerry the mouse's great adversary Tom, Felix the wonderful wonderful cat, and the HBO adult animated anthology series Spicy City, which was a kind of.

Keep the kids away from this adult animation. In fact, this film, released in 1968, before the White Album dropped, is credited with sparking an Based on R. Crumb's comic of the same name, Fritz the Cat is an exercise in.

Fritz the Cat (1972) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more most stemming from it being the first feature-length adult cartoon and having an "X" rating.

A few adult-oriented animated films have been successful: 1968, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine; 1971, Fritz the Cat, the first X-rated cartoon feature; and 1988, .