Army Military Ribbons in order of precedence with attachment and devices - military ribbons worn on right breast


Badges of the United States Navy - Wikipedia military ribbons worn on right breast

United States Army ribbons in order of precedence chart with authorized attachments and devices. Correct order of wear for military ribbons on the left breast.

Wear miniature medals and breast insignia on civilian evening dress on the uniform if at least one military award is worn at the same time.

These are the traditional and more commonly worn medals and are on the right chest and other military medals and ribbons on the left chest.

CRW Flags Inc. presents the correct manner of wear for United States Army Medal [Click Here To View Air Force Medal of Honor] Unit Awards - Right Breast.

Medals are contained in Army General and Administrative Instructions. (AGAIs) Volume 2 Lifeboat Institution are to be worn on the right breast in uniform.