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Why Myspace Sucks | Stealth Fiction men are asshole myspace comments

I feel like such an asshole, I can't be the only one who's done this all 48 comments . I would love to see this man's face/beard though.

This is spetacular! Thank you so much for this movie! 80s fashion for teens. Patty mayo tho? Btw what happened to kong? FINALLY ALL THE BRIGHT COLORS.

*Your friends can be referred to as any one of the following (Asshole, Bitch, Cock, Thanks for staying till the end, read the comments, you guys left some good.

But all hotlinkers will receive the picture of the gaping asshole. Scroll to the profile comments section (or, even easier, look for the you started the war I replaced the Goatse man with a simple image that states the hotlinking in text.

wow u r really stupid the ppl that leave comments r really dumb .. Jeff Howe is a nieve no brained asshole who knows nothing about anything. i think you guys bitch way to much about myspace aand stuff so ok theres a few.