Equal-i-zer® Hitch | The Original Sway Control Hitch - clip thumb


Plastic Clip "Thumb" H 150 mm - Plexirom clip thumb

Tom Thumb clips are the finest in can clips for securing the lids on metal cans during shipment.

1105 products *Ideal for retail stores and supermarkets for displaying product details,sale etc. And enjoy a good reputation in world market for the high quality.

An upgrade to the standard socket pin and separate cotter clip. The attached thumb clip is easy to lock in place. Combine these with the NEW Snap L-pin to.

Paper Clips with Pins: New and unique design, in the back of tack clip have a pointed Material: The paper thumb clips are made of high-quality metal material.

Upgraded Push pin Clips: you just need to push and then clip, no worry about falling, you can try. Push pins are used to attach the surface, and clips are used for.