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Hairy Armpits Is The Latest Women’s Trend On Instagram | Bored Panda hairy armpit contest

To challenge our expectations of beauty. are smooth all over, so seeing these types of women with hairy armpits still feels a little surprising.

An Instagram post showing a Nike model's unshaven armpit has sparked a as more and more big companies attempt to challenge gender norms. for an advert it claimed was the first to feature hairy women for 100 years.

The new feminist armpit hair revolution: half-statement, half-ornament protagonist's hip and beautiful love interest, was sporting hairy armpits. and 1970s, when feminists began to challenge restrictive beauty standards.

Emily Ratajkowski is sporting some seriously hairy armpits, and while this might not be considered the social norm, she says it makes her feel.

I love my hairy armpits - here's how it happened So I gave myself a little life challenge: Sophia you are not going to shave your pits until you.