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OWO, DFK, RO – A former sex worker's favourite slangs explained | Metro News what are sex a levels

a term for anal sex commonly used in the UK. It is not uncommon nowadays for prostitutes to offer "A" levels for no extra compensation.

Generally after A-Levels, people go on to study at University or a skills/trade school or Reference to anal sex, usually by a hooker willing to perform said act.

Finally! Your handy guide to knowing the difference between your A-Levels and a Girlfriend Experience. Since time immemorial, sex-workers.

GFE, DFK, RO: The slang sex workers use, explained. Photo: iStockSource: BodyAndSoul A-Levels. Put simply, this refers to anal sex. End of.

The definition of A LEVEL is "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex" A LEVEL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the A LEVEL .