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We've seen some pretty weird workouts over the years, but Australia's "Fetish Fitness" has to be one of the most extreme. The classes involve pretty basic circuit training, with a bunch of anything-but-basic fetish play thrown in. While all this may seem outlandish, Mistress Anna.

Meet personal trainer/dominatrix Mistress Anna, who offers a Forced Fitness Fetish class. Her circuit-style workout combines BDSM and.

The Feed's Patrick Abboud goes inside a BDSM forced fitness fetish class. Mistress Anna is a Sydney based dominatrix with a love of personal training. Two years ago she decided it was time to combine her two loves and so she started a forced fitness fetish class.

Expect constant attention from your coach during skill and strength training and an extra push during your workout. In addition, you will receive information and.

Facilitated by fitness trainer and Mistress, Coach Felyne, Felyne Fetish Fitness: A Kinky Beginner's Workout is not what you expect in an exercise class---it's sooo.